Sunday, 7 July 2019

Butterfly Heart Top.

I haven't worked often from other designers patterns in recent years. One exception is the Indie Design Gift-a-long at the end of the year, where I participate as a knitter and designer. It's such a great event. 
I had a long holiday recently. I took all my designing gear with me, laptop, yarns, needles and books. I got quite a bit of work done despite the beautiful weather. Finally, I decided enough of work, let's knit from a ready-made pattern! It was supposed to be a relaxing knit following the pattern. I picked the Butterfly Heart Top pattern by Drops Design. So like me, to pick a pattern with interesting details, not the easiest one! I had to follow several charts and written instructions at the same time. Once I finished the lace yoke, it was easy stockinette stitch to the end.  Before starting, I looked at projects made in Ravelry, read comments and made my own adjustments. I listed all the adjustments I made on my Ravelry project page
I'm very happy with the top!

Seda ei juhtu just tihti, et koon midagi valmis juhendi järgi. Mitu aastat olen osalenud Ravelrys Indie Design Gift-a-long kooskudumises nii kuduja kui ka disainerina, siis ikka koon midagi väikest. 
Nüüd juhtus nii, et olin pikal puhkusel. Võtsin kõik vajaliku kaasa, et puhkuse ajal ikka veidi disainitööd ka teha. Lõpuks otsustasin, et aitab, koon midagi valmis mustri järgi. Valituks osutus Butterfly Heart Top Dropsi mustrite varamust. Pitsilise osa kudumine polnud just kõige lihtsam, sest printerit ma ju kaasa ei vedanud. Korraga tuli ekraanil jälgida mitut skeemi ja juhendit. Ravelrys teiste kudumeid uurides nägin, et käeavad olid tihti liiga suured ja aluäär lai. Tegin oma muudatused, veidi harutasin ka. Lõpptulemusega olen väga rahul!

Friday, 5 July 2019

Flashback Friday Sale.

It's Flashback Friday! Today I'm looking back at previous years releases in July. 

The Arrows & Apples Shawl pattern was released in July 2017. It is designed to be symmetrical, with Apples in the centre of the shawl and Arrows racing towards the Apples from each side. The pattern can be easily adjusted in width and length and in yarn weight too. My first sample was made in fingering weight linen, long and narrow, more a scarf than a shawl. The final version was made in fine lace yarn I purchased in Australia. It took a lot of attempts to get the pattern right. I wanted it to be symmetrical, worked in one piece, without crafting. Figured it out finally!

The Sokikesed sock pattern was released in July 2018. It features simple lace combined with reverse stockinette stitch on toes, heels and gussets, so the smooth stockinette fabric is caressing your sensitive skin. This one pattern contains different options on how to work the lace. Can you spot the difference in lace pattern on white and red socks? One pattern, several options! A simple scalloped edge adds interest, like a strawberry on a cake, and allows the edge to be stretchy. My favourite summer socks!

I offer a whopping 50% off discount on one or both of these patterns in my Ravelry store. Use coupon code FBFJuly at checkout. This offer can not be combined with any other offers. End date July 9 midnight, UK time zone.

Perfect summer knits!

Saturday, 29 June 2019

Catch Two Cats Too Sock Pattern. Kassisokimuster!

Can you see my recent love is mosaic knitting? Mosaic knitting is fun and easy way of knitting with two colours to create a colourwork pattern which looks much more complicated than it is. The beauty of mosaic knitting is that it only uses one of the yarns at a time, while the other waits at the beginning of the round. 
The kitty chart was such a fun to work with. I started out with a general image and kept adding little details. At first, I had a washcloth pattern in my mind but it kept evolving and wanted to become something else. At some point, I got the idea of intertwined cat tails. The result of days work, wondering and pondering is here, the sock pattern with one kitty sitting at the front of the leg, the other one at the back with their tails intertwined in the heart on the outside.
There are several nifty details in the pattern. Two options are given for the heel, short row heel or short row reinforced heel for hard-wearing socks. I know that socks with short row heel might be tight around ankles so I added a small gusset there. Another option is to work just your favourite heel. Socks are worked from the cuff down with rounded toe for an easy finish, no need for Kitchener Stitch.

Love the pattern? 


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Tähelepanelik lugeja on kindlasti märganud mu armastust mosaiik mustrite loomise vastu. Mosaiikmuster on lihtne kududa, sest korraga on ainult üks lõng kasutuses, teine ootab oma järge. 

Kassikese muster oli esialgu mõeldud teki- või pesulapi kudumiseks, kuid see muudkui arenes edasi, detailid lisandusid nagu iseenesest. Millalgi tekkis idee panna kassike sokisäärele, ja seda ma isegi ei mäleta, kust tekkis idee kassisabad südameks kokku keerata. Mosaiik on ka kootud veidi teisiti, kui tavaliselt, kombineeritud on parempidist- ja ripskude. Õpetuses on veelgi nutikaid nippe kasutatud. Sokikanna kudumiseks on antud kaks juhendit, lühikeste ridadega kand või lühikeste ridadega, tugevdatud kand. Lisatud on väike kannakiil, kuna sellise kannaga sokk jääb vahel pahkluust kitsaks. Loomulikult võib hoopis kududa oma lemmik-kanna! 

Muster meeldib?


Suur tänu, et toetad mu tööd soetades mu mustreid!
Momendil on see muster saadaval ainult inglise keeles.