Monday, 2 October 2017

Spice Up A Sofa. Sohvakaunistused.

I've abandoned my blog! Having several social media sites, Instagram, Facebook page, Ravelry, forums, it gets a bit overwhelming sometimes. Blogging needs more concentration, not as easy as just clicking likes. Ok, here I am again.
I had a lot of yarn left over from my Knitted Work of Art. I had several ideas, what to knit with it. Finally I decided to knit cushion covers. I wanted to work in intarsia again and looked for ideas for design. Final idea came from well-known car brand trademark. Can you tell which car I had in mind?
I think a cushion makes a great Christmas present for a son, brother, nephew or boyfriend. If you want to give a knitted present why not a cushion to cuddle?
Colour-blocking is a modern and trendy way to make a difference with bold splashes of geometric colour. Working in intarsia is fairly easy for an advanced beginner who is comfortable with the basic knit and purl stitches. I was a bit intimidated by intarsia before, all that bobbins tangling , felt too much of hassle. Now I can say one must not be sacred, it's easier than it seems, specially with quite large colour blocks. I worked straight from centre-pull skeins and enjoyed the process so much.
Patterns can be purchased as singles or as an ebook. Tips and tricks for intarsia knitting are included to the pattern.

Olen oma blogi üsna unarusse jätnud! Viimasel ajal olen sotsiaalmeedias veidi aktiivsem olnud, Instagram, Facebooki leht, Ravelry, foorumid - kõik võtab aega. Blogimine nõuab rohkem keskendumist, ainult laikimisega hakkama ei saa ;)
Need padjad valmisid juba augustis. Kunstiteose kudumisest jäi lõnga üle. Esialgu mõtlesin kampsuni kududa, siis muutsin meelt. Mulle meeldis intarsias kududa ja otsisin uut ideed padjakatete disaini jaoks. Idee tuli ühe tuntud automargi märgist. Tunnete ära? Arvan, et padjad on suurepärane jõulukingitus autofännist pojale, vennale, sõbrale. Kudujale ju meeldib ka jõulukingitused ise teha ;)
Ma olen ikka arvanud, et intarsia on keeruline, kõik need lõngatutsud rippumas. Tegelikult pole keerulist midagi, eriti kui värve pole palju ja pinnad suured. Hele-hall lõng sai otsa, kuid teisi veel on. Otsin uusi ideid :)

Saturday, 9 September 2017

Shawl Frosty Rosebuds. Külmavõetud roosinupud.

Frost can create such wonderful patterns: delicate branched patterns of fern frost on windows or tiny white ice crystals on leaves, grass and wires. The Frosty Rosebuds shawl pattern is inspired by frost bitten rose buds in late autumn, when some of the petals turn brown and wrinkled and some petals are still colourful. At the coldest time in the morning, when the sun is rising, all world seems to be covered by fragile white crystals. But the most beautiful is frost on the tips of rose petals.

Some designs just come together by themselves, the yarn, the pattern and an idea, all fell in place quite fast.

Mõnikord läheb uue disainiga kergelt, asjaolud lihtsalt langevad kokku. Otsisin üleminekuga sokilõnga salliks. Need värvid meenutasid pakasest näpistatud roosasid roosiõisi. Samal ajal kudusin Pistilistest Koekirjadest oma tekilappe ja vaatasin, et mustreid kokku pannes meenutavad need jäälilli aknal. Natuke "säbru" külmavõetud õienuppudesse, ja nii see muster kokku tuligi.

Wednesday, 23 August 2017

Get ready for sock-knitting season! Valmistu sokikudumise hooajaks!

I have an amazing offer for you!
I think we all knit most of our socks in autumn and winter. Socks make a great Christmas present. If you are not a knitter, you might know one and gift a pattern to her/him. Not to forget that Socktober is approaching fast. Knit all three eye-catching slip-stitch mosaic sock patterns. The patterns might look complicated but the beauty of mosaic cables is, that pattern knits up using just one of the strands at time, no need to carry both yarns along. 
Pick your colours and show off your beautiful socks!
Find Colourful Cabled sock patterns here: Kuusevõrsed, Ripe ‘n Ready and Blueberry Clouds Socks.
Get all three patterns just for $ 4.00 until the end of August.
Previous purchases are counted towards this promotion.
Isetegijatele on kaks mustrit tuttavad, nüüd on lisandunud veel üks. Augustikuu lõpuni on võimalik soetada kõik kolm mustrit vaid 4 USD eest. Mustrid on inglise keelsed. Vihjeks tasuta mustrite huvilistele, Kuusevõrsed on ka tasuta saadaval Knotions veebilehel. ;)

Sunday, 20 August 2017

Walking on Clouds Socks. Veelkord sokkidest.

I re-published the Walking on Clouds Socks pattern. The lace is charted and now it's written out as well. The pattern got tested one more time. Look how many versions I've knitted! Lilac was the very first pair, I changed the lace pattern a bit later. I even tried stripy cuffs but ripped them off.
Which pair is your favourite? 

Sokimuster sai täiendust, sest leidub kudujaid, kes skeemi asemel armastavad "regivärssi". Uuesti testitud ka, sest mine sa tea, ma pole ju spetsialist "regivärsi" alal ;)
Niipalju kordi pole ma üht sokimustrit varem kudunud. Eksperimenteerisin ka triibulise soonikuga, aga see läks siiski harutamisele.
Milline on sinu lemmik sokipaar?

Saturday, 19 August 2017

Yarn Whisperer Shawl. Sall Lõngavõlur.

Become a Yarn Whisperer!
Create an interesting, unique knitted fabric, using a variety of different yarns together. It is a great way to combine yarns in various gauges, thicknesses, colours, textures and fibres. Solid or multi-coloured, thin or thick, loopy, hairy, eyelash or ribbon – it’s possible to use them all to design your own exclusive piece. Use up some single skeins, left overs or odds and ends.

Ole Lõngavõlur, loo uus ja huvitav koepind, kasutades koos erinevaid lõngu. Suurepärane viis kombineerida erineva jämeduse, värvi ja struktuuriga lõngu. Ühevärviline, kirju, efektlõng, peenike, jäme, sile või karvane – kõike on võimalik kasutada ja luua omapärane kudum.
Seekord koome koos Mustrimaailmas. Tule kuduma!

Swatch / proovilapp:


Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Looking for test knitters. Otsin test-kudujaid.

Hi! I'm looking for test knitters for Frosty Rosebuds Shawl pattern.

Frost can create such wonderful patterns: delicate branched patterns of fern frost on windows or tiny white ice crystals on leaves, grass and wires. The Frosty Rosebuds shawl pattern is inspired by frost bitten rose buds in late autumn, when some of the petals turn brown and wrinkled and some petals are still colourful.
The shawl is knitted in one piece. The pattern is easily adaptable in width and length. The lace ribbon pattern between rosebuds needs more attention as the pattern is worked on wrong side rows as well.

Test is run in my Ravelry group here. 

Welcome to join in!

Sunday, 23 July 2017

Pitsilised Koekirjad a. k. a. Project of the Years 2016-17/14. Pitsilised Koekirjad ehk Suur Tegu 2016-17/14.

The next eight squares for my project are ready; 83 of them in total now. 
All of them can be seen on my Ravelry project page or in the blog, tag PitsilisedKoekirjad
It's been awhile since I posted about the progress of the project. I get inspired by the patterns and start designing some shawls and this project have to wait again.  

How my project began.

Järgmised kaheksa ruutu on valmis, kokku 83. Kõiki seni valminud ruute saab näha mu Ravelry lehel või blogis sildiga PitsilisedKoekirjad.
Viimasest postitusest samal teemal on hulga aega möödas. Saan palju inspiratsiooni muude disainide jaoks sellest lapikudumisest, eksitab rajalt ;) Pole hullu, kiiret pole.
Kes on unustanud mu projekti algusloo, siis leiab selle siit.


Friday, 30 June 2017

I created a Facebook page! Minu uus Facebooki leht!

Dear friends,
I have created a Facebook pages
Arella Seaton Design to feature my knitting hobby. Welcome to follow my page when you are interested to see what I am up to. 
Don't forget to check daily updates in Instagram ;)
See you there,
Arella xx

Armsad sõbrad,
Olen loonud Facebook'i lehe oma kudumishobi jaoks, Arella Seaton Design. Tule ja laigi, kui oled huvitatud mu tegemistest. Näitan oma valmis- ja pooleliolevaid tegemisi, jagan infot tulevaste testkudumiste kohta.
Samuti oled oodatud Instagramis :)
Arella xx

Sunday, 25 June 2017

Knitted Work of Art. Kootud kunstiteos.

Once upon a time two young people lived in their very modern home. One day the girl's mum visited them and on that visit she had seen the boy's granny's art exhibition catalogue on a shelf. The girl's mum, who was a passionate knitter, looked at the paintings and thought, what amazing works of art; modern, geometric, with clean lines, colours, shapes and proportions working together.  The mum thought the paintings  would make a great knitting pattern!

As time went by, the mum was going to visit them again and she wanted to make a gift for them. She decided to knit one of his granny's works of art. She searched for images, picked one which was a bit less complicated as she had not knitted intarsia before. She drew up the schematics, stitch by stitch, picked colours and then knitted and knitted, day and night. She worked from up to eight skeins at the same time. The mum's living room looked like there had been an explosion in a yarn store.

After some time she was ready to present the gift to the girl and boy.

Project in Ravelry.

Elasid kord Noormees ja Neiu oma kaunis kaasaegses kodus. Ühel päeval tuli neile külla Neiu Ema. Ta nägi riiulil Noormehe Vanaema kunstikataloogi. Neiu Ema, kes oli kirglik kuduja, vaatas maale ja mõtles, mis imelised maalid, modernsed, geomeetrilised, puhtad jooned, värvid, kujundid. Ma tahaksin kududa mõnd maali, mõtles Neiu Ema.

Aeg möödus, ja Emal oli jälle plaanis külla minna. Ta otsustas kududa pleedi Noormehe Vanaema maali järgi. Ta valis välja ühe maali, mil oli veidi vähem detaile ja värve. Ta polnud varem intarsias kudunud. Ta tegi valmis skeemi, silmus silmuse haaval, sobitas jooni ja värve. Siis ta kudus ja kudus, lõngakerad laual reas, korraga kuni kaheksa tükki. Koduste arvates nägi elamine välja, nagu oleks lõngapoes plahvatus toimunud. Ühel päeval oli kingitus valmis üleandmiseks.

Projekt Ravelrys.


Saturday, 24 June 2017

My own KIP day. Avaliku kudumise päev.

I missed The World Wide Knit in Public ( KIP) Day, 10 Jun 2017, but I had my own later, sitting next to the Scott Monument in the centre of Edinburgh, enjoying bagpipes and nice weather. Several times I was asked what I was knitting. I might be even on some tourist photos.
I really enjoyed the day!
Ülemaailmsest avalikust kooskudumise päevast ma kahjuks osa ei võtnud, ei teadnud lähikonnas ühtki toimuvat. Kui mõned päevad tagasi oli mul paar tundi aega Edinburgh'i kesklinnas, korraldasin oma avaliku kudumise. Istusin pargis  Scott'i monumendi juures, kuulasin Śoti torupillimuusikat, kudusin, nautisin ilma ja tähelepanu. Korduvalt uuriti, mida koon ja ilmselt jäin mõnele turistifotole ka :)

Saturday, 20 May 2017

Kanasupp maisiga. Chicken and Sweetcorn Soup.

Today I share my take on Chicken and Sweetcorn Soup with my Estonian readers. There is not many Chinese restaurants and buffets in Estonia, so it might be something interesting to cook for a change.
Uups, maitseroheline on pildilt puudu ;)
Inglismaal on tavaline külastada Hiina toidukohta või tellida toitu koju. Üheks mu lemmikuks on kujunenud kana-maisi supp. Üllatuslikult on seda lihtne ja kiire ka kodus valmistada. Internetist võib leida igasuguseid variante. Mina teen supi lihtsa, ilma ingveri, seesami, sojakastmeta. Tilli ja peterselli puistan peale, seekord sai pilt millegipärast ilma tehtud, alles arvutis märkasin ;) Tavaliselt on mul meelest läinud, mis järjekorras midagi lisasin. Seekord sai selgem supp, muus järjekorras lisades tuleb vähem läbipaistev, kuid maitseomadusi see ei sega.
Minu variant käib umbes nii:
Keeda kanapuljong, umbes üks liiter, maitsesta. Kui kasutan kanafileed, siis lisan kanapuljongi potikese (või kuubiku), vastavalt maitsele. Tõsta liha puljongist välja jahtuma. (Puljongi võib eelmisel päeval valmis teha.)
Klopi üks muna lahti, võib lisada väheke vett (50 ml?). Nõrista munasegu keevasse puljongisse kogu aeg segades.
Sega 1-2 spl maisitärklist 100 ml veega, nõrista keevasse puljongisse, kogu aeg segades.
Lisa üks purk purustatud kreemjat maisi (cream style corn). Kui seda pole võtta, siis purusta konservmais (420 g) saumikseriga nii, et osad terad on veel terved, osad purustatud. Soovikorral võid päris püreeks purustada.
Lõika või ribasta kanaliha tükikesteks, lisa supile.
Lisa peotäis nuudleid vm pastatoodet.
Puista peale tilli, peterselli, rohelist sibulat, mida soovid.
Head isu!

Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Arrows & Apples Shawl. Sall Nooled & Õunad.

The Arrows & Apples Shawl was designed a year ago but never made it to my blog. At first I knitted the narrow shawl (on left) in cotton - linen blend yarn. I ran a MKAL in Estonian knitting forum. Since then I tweaked the pattern  a bit to make both ends match better. The Arrows & Apples shawl pattern is designed to be symmetrical, with apples in the centre of the shawl and arrows racing towards the apples from each side.

I let the design set before got back to it. I knitted up another version in fine Australian variegated yarn Empire 2ply by Morris & Sons, 100% Merino, 704 meters / 50 grams.

The original charts were made in Excel. The new version is made using StitchMastery. I still learn how to use the software. I enjoy the process. Now I'm able to add written instructions to my patterns and get professional looking charts. I'll update my older charts one day hopefully.

I started test knitting of A&A pattern in my Ravelry group. If you are interested, I still can squeeze some testers in.


Nooled & Õunad sallimuster valmis juba aasta tagasi, kui kudusin kitsama variandi, kasutades puuvillase-linasegust lõnga. Mustrit sai kootud Isetegija foorumi salakudumisel, mõned ehk veel mäletavad. Foorumi osalise kokku-kukkumise järgselt on teemast paljud postitused kadunud. Blogisse sall tol korral ei jõudnudki.
Lasin mustril puhata ja settida enne uuesti kudumist. Kohendasin skeeme nii, et salliotsad on veelgi sarnasemad. Uus variant sai kootud peenest Austraalia pitsilõngast. Endised Excelis tehtud skeemid on nüüd uuendatud, kasutades programmi StitchMastery. Õpin alles programmi võimalusi kasutama, naudin iga hetke. See programm kirjutab ise "regivärssi", mida paljud ameeriklased armastavad.
Muster on praegu testimisel, avaldamiseni läheb veel aega.

Sunday, 16 April 2017

I made knitting bags! Õmblesin kudumiskotte!

I'm so thrilled, I've made two of my dreams to come true! I found a beautiful remnant of fabric with a fairy pattern in Abakhan years ago. I have been smitten by these fairies, specially the Knitting Fairy and Sewing Fairy. Aren't they adorable? I dreamt about making a project bag but I was not sure what type to do.   
I had another dream; to make a bag with a flexible frame. Finally I managed to get the right frame from the Craft and Cotton stall when I visited the Hobbycraft show. It is a great frame as it does not snap closed but stays open. I did not have a pattern for the bag but I looked up different patterns online, like Puffy Pouch, Flex Frame Pouch and others, to get some ideas. I used some funny labels, purchased at the craft show, just to give the bags a little twist.
When I was searching project bag patterns, I came across an Open Wide Zippered Pouch Tutorial and decided to make one of these. I had just a 25 cm long zipper at hand and the bag turned out rather small. I will definitely make some bigger bags later. I used the left-overs from shortening IKEA curtains. It is a nice, heavier fabric, so I did not use any interfacing.
Finally I made some stitch markers, I'm always short of removable markers.

Olen nii elevil, tegin kaks oma kaua-aegset unistust teoks! Aastaid tagasi leidsin Abakhan'ist jupikest haldjatega kangast. Aina imetlesin neid, eriti Kudu- ja Õmblus-haldjaid. Unistasin kudumiskotist, aga ei suutnud tegumoodi valida.  
Teine unistus oli teha painduva raamiga (flexi frame) kott. Sobilik raam õnnestus hankida
Craft and Cotton müügiletilt, kui külastasin Hobbycraft showd. Raam püsib avatuna, ei klõpsa ise kinni. Koti lõiget mul polnud. Otsisin netist, eeskujuks said Puffy Pouch, Flex Frame Pouch ja muud.
Kasutasin kottidel ka vahvaid silte, mis sain samalt käsitöömessilt.
Kotilõikeid otsides leidsin ka toreda lukuga koti lõike Open Wide Zippered Pouch Tutorial. See kott avaneb laiemalt, kui muud lukuga kotid. Otsustasin ka selle teha. Kott tuli pisut väike, selline kosmeetikakoti suurus, kuna mul oli ainult 25 cm lukk kodus. Kangasteks on ülejäägid IKEA kardinate lühendamisest. Hea tugev kangas, ei kasutanudki liimiriiet. Kunagi teen sama lõikega suurema koti ka, vaja vaid lukk muretseda.

Lõpuks tegin mõned kudu-markerid ka, avatavaid oli napilt. Ja mulle lihtsalt meeldib neid aegajalt teha, kasutan hoolega.

Monday, 10 April 2017

Pitsilised Koekirjad a. k. a. Project of the Years 2016-17/13. Pitsilised Koekirjad ehk Suur Tegu 2016-17/13.

The next six squares for my project are ready; 75 of them in total now. 
All of them can be seen on my Ravelry project page or in the blog, tag PitsilisedKoekirjad
I have a target to knit one hundred squares, so three quarters are done. I encountered a problem, I cast on the same amount of stitches for each of the squares, but depending on the pattern, some of the squares turned out to be smaller or bigger. I try to block them to the same size, but I did not manage it every time. It seems like I will have to reknit some of them. Other thing to consider is the layout of the future throw. I need to play around with how to place the blocks and what colours I need to knit next. One day, I'll take some time and try to play with the colours in Excel.

Järgmised kuus ruutu on valmis, kokku 75. Kõiki seni valminud ruute saab näha mu Ravelry lehel või blogis sildiga PitsilisedKoekirjad.
Eesmärk on kududa ühtekokku sada ruutu, seega kolmveerand on valmis. Üks probleem on ilmnenud, loon üles sama arvu silmuseid, kuid olenevalt mustrist tulevad ruudud vahel suuremad või väiksemad. Tihtipeale venitamine aitab, aga mitte alati. Seega tuleb osad ruudud uuesti kududa.
Nüüd on ka viimane aeg mõelda, kuidas tekk hakkab välja nägema, kuidas värvid paigutada, mis värve vaja juurde kududa. Võtan ükspäev ette ja proovin excelis värvidega mängida.