Thursday, 8 August 2019

Knitting for Charity. Kudumid heategevuseks.

I am a member of an Estonian craft forum Mustrimaailm. Every year we knit woollen socks and mitts for charity. One care home is chosen as the recipient of the year. Winters can be cold in Estonia, up to minus 30 C! Real wool is the best in the wintertime. I try to participate as much as I can. It's a good opportunity for me to knit again some of my designs or send out some samples made in my designing process.
This year I sent out two pairs of socks and mitts. The patterns used were Bay of Biscay Mitts, Tulips in the Desert Socks, Bouquet Fingerless Mitts and Kuusevõrsed Socks.
Hope they will be loved!

Mustrimaailm koob jälle sokke heategevuseks. Sel aastal saavad sokid jalga ja käed sooja Hellenurme hooldekodu elanikud. Minu panuseks on seekord kaks paari sokke ja sõrmituid. See on hea võimalus kududa jälle mõnd oma mustrit või saata näidiseid, mida olen kudunud disainimise käigus. Mustrid on ehk nii mõnelegi tuttavad, sõrmitud Biskaia LahtTulbisokidLillekimbu sõrmitud and Kuusevõrsed Sokid.
Loodan, et need hoiavad mõned käed-jalad soojas!

Wednesday, 7 August 2019

Butterfly Washcloth. Liblikamuster.

The fifth and final pattern of the Blooming Clean Collection is here, the Butterfly Washcloth!
If you are not a big fan of washcloth you can still use the motif. Maybe make a baby blanket or a bib?
There is still time to get it with amazing introductory discount 50% off (coupon code: Liblikas) until midnight, Friday, August 9 (UK time zone) on Ravelry. Or get the eBook, all five patterns!
My patterns are available on LoveCrafts as well.

I had a lot of fun designing and knitting patterns. Maybe I should make a baby washcloth set next? It might happen in the future but for now, I'm done with washclothes. Next pattern will be a placemat and coaster set. So excited, can't wait to share it with you!

Viimane pesulapimuster kollektsioonist Blooming Clean on Liblikas. Sarnane muster on tasuta saadaval siin blogis, otsi Labels -> Mosaic. Muster on nüüd veidi muudetud, lisatud "regivärss" ja juhendid. Saadaval Ravelry's ja LoveCrafts lehel. 

Mosaiik-kude on vallutanud mu meeled veel pikaks ajaks! Järgmiseks on tulekul väike linik/taldrikualus. Ja eelmise postituse pleed vajab ääristamist. Tegemist jätkub!

Monday, 5 August 2019

Pitsilised Koekirjad a. k. a. Project of the Years 2016-19 / 16. Pitsilised Koekirjad ehk Suur Tegu 2016-19 / 16.

Does anybody still remember the Pitsilised Koekirjad project I started a way back, in January 2016? My aim was to make a bedspread using a different lace pattern for each block from the old Estonian stitch dictionary, Pitsilised Koekirjad. I managed to make 88 blocks before I run out of steam. The biggest problem was to make all blocks in the same size. I cast on the same amount of stitches for each block but some lace is more open than other and blocks are in different sizes. I put the project on hold.

All of the blocks made can be seen on my Ravelry project page or in the blog, tag PitsilisedKoekirjad.
How my project began.

This summer, sitting outside until sunset, I thought a cotton lapghan would be good. Sometimes it gets a bit cool or there are flies around. I decided to use the blocks made. I sorted them by size and searched for assembly methods. It's my first time  to assemble blocks! I opted for the crochet method. It's a bit wonky but I love it already. I'll show you more next time!

* * *

Kas keegi veel mäletab mu Pitsilised Koekirjad projekti? Ravelry andmeil alustasin ma seda jaanuaris 2016. Tundub, nagu see oleks olnud ammu-ammu. Kokku suutsin teha 88 ruutu, siis sa hoog otsa.

Kõiki seni valminud ruute saab näha mu Ravelry lehel või blogis sildiga PitsilisedKoekirjad.
Kes on unustanud mu projekti algusloo, siis leiab selle siit.

Suurim probleem oli, et alustasin kõiki ruute sama silmuste arvuga. Kuna pitsimustrid on erinevad, mõned rohkem avatud, "pitsilised", kui teised, siis ruutude suurus varieerub. Harutama ja ümbertegema ma ei hakanud, ja nii see projekt seisis.

Sel suvel, istudes loojanguni õues, tekkis mõte teha väike tekike. Õhtud vahel jahedavõitu, või on sääsed ja kärbsed kiusamas. Sorteerisin olemasolevad lapid suuruse järgi, ladusin mustrisse, uurisin kokkuõmblemise ja -heegeldamise meetodeid ning asusin tööle. See on mu elus esimene kord lapitekki teha. Otsustasin heegeldamise kasuks. Natuke jonksuline on, aga armas ikka. Varsti näitan rohkem!

Friday, 2 August 2019

Two More Mosaic Washcloth Patterns. Veel kaks mosaiik-koes pesulappi.


I have two more mosaic washcloth patterns to share, My Little Heart and Lipsy. I love the new colourway I chose for the Blooming Clean Collection. It looks so fresh now. There is one more pattern to come next week, then is the collection completed.

What's next? After making a lot of washcloths there is time to tackle some bigger projects. More mosaic, of course!

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My Little Heart
Blooming Clean pesulappide kollektsioon sai täiendust, Lipsy ja My Little Heart mustrite näol.
Üks muster tuleb veel, siis on viis mustrit kollektsioonis.

Järgmiseks on plaanis veidi suuremad projektid, ikka mosaiik koes!

Ühine uudiskirjaga , et saada parimad pakkumised ja vahel ka tasuta mustrid!

Friday, 26 July 2019

Heart to Heart Washcloth. Südamest Südamesse.

The Heart to Heart washcloth pattern is the second pattern of the Blooming Clean Collection. There is going to be five patterns in the collection, sold separately (on Ravelry and LoveCratfs) or as an Ebook (on Ravelry only). You are not a big fan of washcloth? Use the pattern for making blocks for a blanket or beach bag. Be creative!

*   *   *

Südametega pesulapp on teine plaanitud kollektsioonist. Kokku tuleb viis mustrit, saadaval eraldi või E-raamatuna. Kes pesulappide fänn pole, võib mustrit kasutada näiteks lapiteki või rannakoti motiivina. Kindlasti on võimalusi veelgi. 
Head kudumist!

Monday, 22 July 2019


Hello, my friends!
As you know, there are several ways to follow me, blog, Instagram, Facebook, Ravelry. What do you use most? I use Instagram and Facebook a lot but there it is so easy to miss a post from my favourite knitters. Their algorithm chooses, what to show me, I'm not in charge. So easy to miss important (for me, not for IG or FB) news and offers. That's the main reason I decided to start sending newsletters directly to your mailbox. I promise not to spam you every single day, more likely just once a week or a couple of times per month. I'll send you special sneak peeks of my new designs, occasional discount code or even a free pattern, and you will always get a better introductory discount on my new releases.

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Friday, 19 July 2019

Knitted Washcloth Collection. Kootud pesulapid.

I've been working on creating mosaic knitting charts since Spring. Once I started I can't stop anymore. I keep tweaking the charts and creating new ones, always more ideas coming up. I've released several charts for free in this blog and Instagram. They were basic colorwork charts, easy to use for mosaic knitting if you know how to work mosaic. Now I decided to create advanced charts with slip stitches included and create stitch by stitch written out pattern too. Some people are not good at following a chart, written is easier for them. The Flower Washcloth is first from the collection. The pattern is available on Ravelry and LoveCrafts. Collection will be available on Ravelry as an Ebook of a minimum of three patterns. Unfortunately, LoveCrafts doesn't support discounts, Ebooks or collections, that's why I decided to offer you lower price there.
A washcloth is a good starting point for learning about mosaic knitting. It's a small and quick to make project, perfect summer knitting and makes a great Christmas gift. Are you preparing for Xmas already? 

*   *   *

Kevadel alanud töö mosaiik kudumise mustrite loomisega jätkub, vaibumise märke veel pole. Paar kuud tagasi jagasin mosaiik mustrite skeeme blogis ja Instagramis. Sellised skeemid on head, kui tead, kuidas mosaiiki kududa. Päris algaja tahab ehk detailsemaid skeeme, kus on täpselt näidatud, millised silmused kududa, millised tõsta. Lillemuster on esimene seeriast, kus isegi inglisekeelne "regivärss" on välja kirjutatud silmuste kaupa. Väike lapike on hea kasutada pesulapina või nõudepesuks. See on hea projekt mosaiigi harjutamiseks enne suuremate asjade kallale asumist. Suvel polegi ju aega suurteks kudumiteks, väike hea kotti pista. Miks mitte valmistada mõned pesulapid jõulukingitusteks?
Inglisekeelne muster on saadaval Ravelry ja LoveCrafts lehel.

Sunday, 7 July 2019

Butterfly Heart Top.

I haven't worked often from other designers patterns in recent years. One exception is the Indie Design Gift-a-long at the end of the year, where I participate as a knitter and designer. It's such a great event. 
I had a long holiday recently. I took all my designing gear with me, laptop, yarns, needles and books. I got quite a bit of work done despite the beautiful weather. Finally, I decided enough of work, let's knit from a ready-made pattern! It was supposed to be a relaxing knit following the pattern. I picked the Butterfly Heart Top pattern by Drops Design. So like me, to pick a pattern with interesting details, not the easiest one! I had to follow several charts and written instructions at the same time. Once I finished the lace yoke, it was easy stockinette stitch to the end.  Before starting, I looked at projects made in Ravelry, read comments and made my own adjustments. I listed all the adjustments I made on my Ravelry project page
I'm very happy with the top!

Seda ei juhtu just tihti, et koon midagi valmis juhendi järgi. Mitu aastat olen osalenud Ravelrys Indie Design Gift-a-long kooskudumises nii kuduja kui ka disainerina, siis ikka koon midagi väikest. 
Nüüd juhtus nii, et olin pikal puhkusel. Võtsin kõik vajaliku kaasa, et puhkuse ajal ikka veidi disainitööd ka teha. Lõpuks otsustasin, et aitab, koon midagi valmis mustri järgi. Valituks osutus Butterfly Heart Top Dropsi mustrite varamust. Pitsilise osa kudumine polnud just kõige lihtsam, sest printerit ma ju kaasa ei vedanud. Korraga tuli ekraanil jälgida mitut skeemi ja juhendit. Ravelrys teiste kudumeid uurides nägin, et käeavad olid tihti liiga suured ja aluäär lai. Tegin oma muudatused, veidi harutasin ka. Lõpptulemusega olen väga rahul!

Friday, 5 July 2019

Flashback Friday Sale.

It's Flashback Friday! Today I'm looking back at previous years releases in July. 

The Arrows & Apples Shawl pattern was released in July 2017. It is designed to be symmetrical, with Apples in the centre of the shawl and Arrows racing towards the Apples from each side. The pattern can be easily adjusted in width and length and in yarn weight too. My first sample was made in fingering weight linen, long and narrow, more a scarf than a shawl. The final version was made in fine lace yarn I purchased in Australia. It took a lot of attempts to get the pattern right. I wanted it to be symmetrical, worked in one piece, without crafting. Figured it out finally!

The Sokikesed sock pattern was released in July 2018. It features simple lace combined with reverse stockinette stitch on toes, heels and gussets, so the smooth stockinette fabric is caressing your sensitive skin. This one pattern contains different options on how to work the lace. Can you spot the difference in lace pattern on white and red socks? One pattern, several options! A simple scalloped edge adds interest, like a strawberry on a cake, and allows the edge to be stretchy. My favourite summer socks!

I offer a whopping 50% off discount on one or both of these patterns in my Ravelry store. Use coupon code FBFJuly at checkout. This offer can not be combined with any other offers. End date July 9 midnight, UK time zone.

Perfect summer knits!

Saturday, 29 June 2019

Catch Two Cats Too Sock Pattern. Kassisokimuster!

Can you see my recent love is mosaic knitting? Mosaic knitting is fun and easy way of knitting with two colours to create a colourwork pattern which looks much more complicated than it is. The beauty of mosaic knitting is that it only uses one of the yarns at a time, while the other waits at the beginning of the round. 
The kitty chart was such a fun to work with. I started out with a general image and kept adding little details. At first, I had a washcloth pattern in my mind but it kept evolving and wanted to become something else. At some point, I got the idea of intertwined cat tails. The result of days work, wondering and pondering is here, the sock pattern with one kitty sitting at the front of the leg, the other one at the back with their tails intertwined in the heart on the outside.
There are several nifty details in the pattern. Two options are given for the heel, short row heel or short row reinforced heel for hard-wearing socks. I know that socks with short row heel might be tight around ankles so I added a small gusset there. Another option is to work just your favourite heel. Socks are worked from the cuff down with rounded toe for an easy finish, no need for Kitchener Stitch.

Love the pattern? 


Thank you for supporting my work by purchasing my patterns!

Tähelepanelik lugeja on kindlasti märganud mu armastust mosaiik mustrite loomise vastu. Mosaiikmuster on lihtne kududa, sest korraga on ainult üks lõng kasutuses, teine ootab oma järge. 

Kassikese muster oli esialgu mõeldud teki- või pesulapi kudumiseks, kuid see muudkui arenes edasi, detailid lisandusid nagu iseenesest. Millalgi tekkis idee panna kassike sokisäärele, ja seda ma isegi ei mäleta, kust tekkis idee kassisabad südameks kokku keerata. Mosaiik on ka kootud veidi teisiti, kui tavaliselt, kombineeritud on parempidist- ja ripskude. Õpetuses on veelgi nutikaid nippe kasutatud. Sokikanna kudumiseks on antud kaks juhendit, lühikeste ridadega kand või lühikeste ridadega, tugevdatud kand. Lisatud on väike kannakiil, kuna sellise kannaga sokk jääb vahel pahkluust kitsaks. Loomulikult võib hoopis kududa oma lemmik-kanna! 

Muster meeldib?


Suur tänu, et toetad mu tööd soetades mu mustreid!
Momendil on see muster saadaval ainult inglise keeles. 

Tuesday, 18 June 2019

What's On My Needles? Mis on varrastel?

Are you curious what's on my needles? After finishing the Bay of Biscay mitts pattern I decided to work with mosaic patterns again. I've shared several free charts here earlier, a Duck, a Boat, Butterflies, maybe something else, can't remember at the moment. I was about to release a Kitty chart but got distracted by an idea to develop it to a sock pattern. The socks turned out cute. Have a look at the photo below, it's an initial sample. Since then I've knit another pair, written the pattern, got it tech edited and now my trusty test knitters are busy testing different sizes of the socks. I still need to get some photos taken before I can release the pattern. So pity I don't have any cats around for a photoshoot. 

The next idea was to make mitts with kitty pattern. I've made a sample but it needs tweaking. I've put it on hold until I get suitable yarn for another sample.

Summer is here and I would love to have a new cotton top, haven't made any for myself recently. I was browsing patterns in Ravelry and decided to knit the Butterfly Heart top instead of designing my own pattern. It meant to be an easy knit. Turned out it's not an easy pattern at all! Need to follow 3-4 charts and written instructions with a lot of "At the same time..." going on. I'm on holiday, no printer here, have to follow everything on the screen. As you can see I manage somehow, it's growing!

Butterfly Heart Top in progress

Millega olen tegelenud, mida kudunud? Vardad on ikka töös, kuigi toodangu hulgaga kiidelda ei saa. Peale Biskaia Lahe sõrmituid kindaid oli soov jälle mosaiiki kududa. Olen sel aastal loonud hulga mosaiik mustrite skeeme. Palju skeeme olen postitanud ka siin blogis, part, purjekas, liblikad, jne. Kujundasin kassipoja skeemi, kui tuli idee seda edasi arendada sokimustriks. Esimene sokipaar on alloleval fotol. Korrigeerisin skeemi, lisasin suurusi, kirjutasin mustri juhendi. Nüüdseks on juhend korrektori käest läbi käinud ja testkudujad töötavad hoolega. Loodan mustri avaldamisküpseks saada lähipäevadel. Kas oleksid huvitatud mu mustreid inglise keelest eesti keelde tõlkima? Mul lihtsalt pole aega seda teha, ja eestikeelsete terminitega olen ka veidi hädas. Võta ühendust!

Järgmiseks otsustasin kohendada kasside skeemi sõrmitutele. Kudusin ühe paari, et näha, kuidas muster klapib. Idee töötab, aga vajab viimistlemist. Otsin uut lõnga ja koon uuesti läbi, ehk järgmisel kuul.

Suvi on käes ja uut suvist toppi oleks hädasti vaja. Mõtlesin, et ei hakka seekord ise midagi leiutama ja koon valmis mustri järgi. Leidsin Ravelryst Butterfly Heart topi mustri, Dropsi muster tegelikult. Muster osutus kordi keerulisemaks, kui arvasin! Korraga vaja jälgida 3-4 skeemi ja juhendit. Momendil mul printimise võimalust pole, koon arvutiekraanilt. Aga kudum kasvab. Ainus viga, et puuvillane lõng on väheelastne ja käsi jääb haigeks, kui liiga hoogu satun. 


Catch Two Cats Too socks pattern coming soon

Tuesday, 28 May 2019

Fingerless Mitts Pattern - Bay of Biscay 3.

The pattern begins here: Part 1 and 2


Work three rounds as established knitting the 5 sts that were cast on for the thumb opening. AT THE SAME TIME move marker 1 to right by one st and marker 2 to left by one st on the first round.

Next rnd: Work in pattern to marker 1, SM1, ssk, k3, k2tog, SM2, k to BOR. 50(54, 58) sts.

Work three rounds in pattern.

Next rnd: Work in pattern to marker 1, RM1, ssk, k1, k2tog, RM2, k to BOR.  48(52, 56) sts.   
Work as established until Rnds 1 – 4 of EMC have been repeated two more times (or to desired height).

Cut CC.

Knit one round in MC. Work 10 rounds (or to desired height) in (k1, p1) ribbing.

Bind off using Lori’s Twisty Bind Off method or bind off in rib.   Cut yarn and weave in ends.

Thumb (both hands)

Place 15(17, 19) sts from st holder onto a needle. Attach MC at right edge of the thumb opening and place BOR marker.

Setup Rnd: K15(17, 19), pick up and knit 2 sts in the gap, 5 sts from cast-on edge, 2 sts in the gap on other edge.  24(26, 28) sts for the thumb.

Rnds 1 - 2: (K1, p1) x 12(13, 14).

Rnd 3: (K1, p1) x 8(9, 10), ssk, k1, p1, k1, k2tog, p1.  22(24, 26) sts.

Rnds 4 - 5: (K1, p1) x 8(9, 10), k2, p1, k2, p1.

Rnd 6: (K1, p1) x 8(9, 10), ssk, p1, k2tog, p1.  20(22, 24) sts.

Rnd 7: (K1, p1) x 10(11, 12).  Repeat Rnd 7 to desired thumb length.

Bind off the same way as mitts.  Cut yarn and weave in ends.

Soak the mitts in wool wash detergent, rinse, wrap in a towel, and squeeze out the excess water. Lay on a flat surface or mitt blockers to dry. 


The pattern is available in Ravelry:


Please use hashtags #BoBmitts #arellaseatondesign when sharing your project on social media.

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Sõrmitud kindad ehk Biskaia Laht 3.

Mustri esimene ja teine osa.

Jätka kudumist ringselt nagu muster on välja kujunenud, koo 5 loodud silmust parempidi. SAMAL AJAL esimesel ringil liiguta marker 1 ühe silmuse võrra paremale ja marker 2 ühe silmuse võrra vasakule.

Järgmine ring: Tööta mustris markerini 1, LM1, koo 2 ületõstmisega kokku(2ÜK), pr3, koo 2 pr kokku(2prK), LM2, pr kuni ringi lõpuni. 50(54, 58) smt.

Koo kolm ringi mustris.

Järgmine ring: Tööta mustris markerini 1, eemalda marker, 2ÜK, pr1, 2prK, eemalda marker, pr kuni ringi lõpuni. 48(52, 56) smt.

Tööta mustris korrates skeemi ridu 1 - 4 veel kaks korda (või soovitud arv kordi).

Lõika KV.

Koo üks ring pr PV lõngaga. Koo 10 ringi (või soovitud arv) 1x1 soonikus.

Koo silmused venivalt maha. Lõika lõng, peida lõngaotsad.

Pöial (mõlemad käed).

Aseta 15(17, 19) smt silmustehoidjalt vardale. Kinnita PV pöidla-ava paremasse serva, aseta RA.

Eelring: Pr15(17, 19), korja üles ja koo 2 smt vahekohast, 5 smt ülesloomise servast, 2 smt teisest vahekohast. 24(26, 28) smt pöidlale.

Rgd 1 - 2: (pr1, ph1) x 12(13, 14).

Rg 3: (pr1, ph1) x 8(9, 10), 2ÜK, pr1, ph1, pr1, 2prK, ph1.  22(24, 26) smt.

Rgd 4 - 5: (pr1, ph1) x 8(9, 10), pr2, ph1, pr2, ph1.

Rg 6: (pr1, ph1) x 8(9, 10), 2ÜK, ph1, 2prK, ph1.  20(22, 24) smt.

Rg 7: (pr1, ph1) x 10(11, 12).  Korda Rg7 kuni soovitud kõrguseni.

Koo silmused venivalt maha. Lõika lõng, peida lõngaotsad.

Pese ja viimistle kindad.

Kanna kindaid rõõmuga!

Muster Ravelrys:

Piltide jagamisel sotsiaalmeedias (Instagram, Facebook, jne.) palun kasutada tag'e
#BoBmitts #arellaseatondesign

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Wednesday, 22 May 2019

Fingerless Mitts Pattern - Bay of Biscay 2.

Jogless stripes.
Photo: Robin Seaton

Part 1 of the pattern is HERE.


Make two, one Right, one Left. Pay attention on rounds worked differently for right and left hand, marked as RH or LH, if not marked then work the same way for both hands. 
Using preferred method for small circumference and MC, cast on 48(52, 56) sts. Distribute sts across needles and join for working in the round, being careful not to twist the stitches. Attach a marker to note the BOR. 

Rnds 1 – 12, MC: (K1, p1) x 24(26, 28). 48(52, 56) sts. 

Attach CC. 

RH, Rnds 13 - 14, CC: K7, (p1, k3) x 4, p1, k24(28, 32). 

LH, Rnds 13 - 14, CC: K24(28, 32), (p1, k3) x 4, p1, k7. 

Work the EMC Pattern using the Chart or Written Pattern on the top of the hand maintaining established St st on remaining sts as follows:  

RH, Rnd 15, MC: K7, EMC x 4, p1, k24(28,32). 

LH, Rnd 15, MC: K24(28, 32), EMC x 4, p1, k7. 
Remember to change colour at every 2nd BOR through EMC section, and to use the jogless technique. 

Eyelet Mock Cable Rib 

Rnd 1, MC: P1, k3. (4 sts) 
Rnd 2, MC: P1, sl1 pw, k1, yo, k1, psso.  
Rnd 3, CC: P1, sl1, k1, sl1.  
Rnd 4, CC: P1, k3. 

AT THE SAME TIME, work the gusset between sts markers as follows: 

RH, Rnd 16, MC: K7, EMC x 4, p1, k7, PM1, m1r, k1, m1l, PM2, k16(20, 24). 50(54, 58) sts. 

LH, Rnd 16, MC: K16(20, 24), PM1, m1r, k1, m1l, PM2, k7, EMC x 4, p1, k7. 50(54, 58) sts. 

Increase one st on right side of the gusset after marker 1 and one st on left side of the gusset before marker 2 every fourth round (Rnd 2 of EMC) and work sts between the markers in St st until there are 15(17, 19) sts between markers.  62(68, 74) sts. 

Work three more rounds in pattern without increases. On the next round place 15(17, 19) gusset stitches between the markers 1 & 2 on holder, cast on 5 sts.  52(56, 60) sts.   

Photo: Robin Seaton

Will be continued...

Please use hashtags #BoBmitts #arellaseatondesign when sharing your project on social media.

© 2019 Arella Seaton. All rights reserved.

Sõrmitud kindad ehk Biskaia Laht 2.

Sujuva üleminekuga triibud.
Foto: Robin Seaton

Mustri algus on SIIN.


PK   parem käsi
VK   vasak käsi
ph    pahempidine silmus
pr    parempidine silmus
Rg/d ring/-id
VP   vale-palmiku muster
AM  aseta marker
LM  libista marker vasakult vardalt paremale vardale
EM  eemalda marker
PV   põhivärv
KV  kontrastne värv
sm/d/t  silmus/-ed/-st
RA  ringi algus/-e marker
k1p  kasvata juurde üks silmus (kaldu paremale)
k1v  kasvata juurde üks silmus (kaldu vasakulele)
vale-palmik   libista 1 silmus paremale vardale, pr1, õhksilmus, pr1, tõsta kudumata silmus üle kolme viimase silmuse maha
2ÜK kaks silmust ületõstmisega kokku kududa
2prK kaks silmust parempidi kokku kududa

Loo üles 48(52, 56) smst PV lõngaga, ühenda ringiks (jälgi, et keerdu sisse ei jääks), aseta RA. 

Rgd 1 – 12, PV: (Pr1, ph1) x 24(26, 28). 
48(52, 56) smt. 

Ühenda KV. 

PK, Rgd 13 - 14, KV: Pr7, (ph1, pr3) x 4, ph1, pr24(28, 32). 
VK, Rgd 13 - 14, KV: Pr24(28, 32), (ph1, pr3) x 4, ph1, pr7. 

Koo Vale-palmiku muster käe peal järgnevalt:

PK, Rg 15, PV: Pr7, VP x 4, ph1, pr24(28,32). 

VK, Rg 15, PV: Pr24(28, 32), VP x 4, ph1, pr7. 

Pea meeles vahetada värvi rea alguses iga kahe rea tagant ja kasutada sujuva üleminekuga triipude kudumise tehnikat.

SAMAL AJAL hakka kasvatama pöidlakiilu järgnevalt:

PK, Rg 16, PV: Pr7, VP x 4, ph1, pr7, AM1, k1p, pr1, k1v, AM2, pr16(20, 24). 50(54, 58) smt. 

VK, Rg 16, PV: Pr16(20, 24), AM1, k1p, pr1, k1v, AM2, pr7, VP x 4, ph1, pr7. 50(54, 58) smt. 

Kasvata üks silmus pöidlakiilu paremas servas peale markerit 1 ja üks silmus vasakus servas enne markerit 2 igal neljandal ringil (teine rida mustriskeemis) ja koo silmused markerite vahel parempidi, kuni kokku on markerite vahel 15(17, 19) silmust.
Kõik kokku 62(68, 74) smt.

Koo veel kolm ringi ilma kasvatamata.
Järgmisel ringil aseta 15(17, 19) pöidlakiilu silmust (markerite 1 ja 2 vahel) abilõngale.
Loo üles 5 silmust.
Kokku 52(56, 60) smt.   


Piltide jagamisel sotsiaalmeedias (Instagram, Facebook, jne.) palun kasutada tag'e  
#BoBmitts #arellaseatondesign

Foto: Robin Seaton

Monday, 20 May 2019

Fingerless Mitts Pattern - Bay of Biscay 1.

Crossing the Bay of Biscay by ferry takes a long time, of course, that translates as a knitting time for a knitter. I had a sock project with me but finished them faster than I thought I would. I had just some leftover yarns in my knitting bag and no internet connection. I had to improvise with the yarn I had and a simple stitch pattern. I made a pair of fingerless mitts on the left. Later I decided to enhance the Eyelet Mock Cable Rib pattern with slipped stitches to add the impression of ripple waves on the sea and made another pair of mitts. Over the week I'll share the pattern here in my blog so you can make a pair or two as well!

The mitts are worked in the round. The gusset and ribbed pattern on the top of the hand ensures a better fit. Separate instructions are given for the right hand, left hand and thumbs. Directions for three sizes are given. Familiarize yourself with a jogless stripes technique for uniform stripes, avoiding a little jog in the colour.

A blog isn't the best solution for publishing a pattern, I'm struggling with formatting. 
The pattern will be published in Ravelry later, as the downloadable pdf.

Stay tuned!

Skill Level
Advanced beginner / Intermediate

Circumference of the mitten (at the widest part of the hand):
S: unstretched 16 cm / 6¼’’ stretches to 18 cm / 7’’ 
M: unstretched 17.5 cm / 7’’ stretches to 20 cm / 8’’ 
L: unstretched 19 cm / 7½’’ stretches to 22 cm / 8½’’ 
Height: 18 cm / 7’’ (adjustable)    
15 stitches x 22 rounds = 5 x 5 cm / 2 x 2 inch in Stockinette stitch, blocked, unstretched

Fingering / 4 ply in two contrasting colours. 100 g / 3.5 oz = 400 m / 436 yards;
Approximate amounts depending on size:
MC 30 - 35 g / 1.06 – 1.25 oz = 120 – 140 m / 131 – 153 yards
CC 13 - 15 g / 0.46 – 0.53 oz = 52 – 60 m / 57 – 65 yards

2.5 mm / 1½ US, or size needed to obtain gauge, double-pointed or circular needles, depending on your preferred method of small circumference knitting in the round.

Stitch markers (3 - 6)
Stitch holder or scrap yarn
Tapestry needle

BOR - beginning of the round (marker)
CC - contrasting colour
EMC - Eyelet Mock Cable Rib
k - knit
k2tog - knit 2 together
kw - knitwise
LH - left hand
MC - main colour
m1l - make one st (left leaning)
m1r - make one st (right leaning)
p - purl
PM - place marker
psso - pass slipped stitch over
pw - purlwise
RH - right hand
RM - remove marker
rnd/s - round/s
sl - slip 1 pw with yarn in back
sl1, k1, yo, k1, psso -
slip 1 pw, k1, yo, k1, insert left needle to the slipped st kw and pass it over the three sts
SM - slip marker
ssk - slip 1 kw, slip 1 kw to the right needle. Insert the left needle into the fronts of these two sts and knit them together
St st - stockinette stitch
st/s - stitch/es
yo - yarn over

Please use hashtags  #BoBmitts #arellaseatondesign  when sharing your project on social media. 

© 2019 Arella Seaton. All rights reserved.

Sõrmitud kindad ehk Biskaia Laht 1.

Suvi on muude tegemiste hulgas ka reisimise aeg, kuid kudujal on ikka vardad näpuvahel. Pikkadel auto-, bussi-, lennu- või praamireisidel saab ju kududa! Väike kudum ja lihtne muster kuluvad marjaks ära. Mul oli reisikudumiseks sokid käsil, kuid juhtus, et sokid said valmis enne, kui reis läbi. Olima parajasti keset Biskaia lahte, kudumiskotis ainult sokilõnga jäägid ja ei mingit võimalust mustreid netist otsida. Nii sündisid need vasakul olevad rohekad kindad sellest, mis kotis ja peas oli. Hiljem muutsin mustrit veidi ilmekamaks ja otsustasin jagada teiega!

Mustris on antud juhised kolmes suuruses, eraldi parem ja vasak käsi ning pöial. Kasuks tuleb oskus kududa triipe nii, et "jõnksu" pole näha. 

Käe ümbermõõt sõrmenukkide kohal:
S: venitamata 16 cm, venib kuni 18 cm
M: venitamata 17.5 cm, venib kuni 20 cm
L: venitamata 19 cm, venib kuni 22 cm
Pikkus 18 cm (muudetav)
15 silmust x 22 rida = 5 x 5 cm parempidises koes, viimistletud

Sokilõng / fingering / 4 ply, 100 g = 400 m;

Umbkaudsed kogused:
Põhivärv 30 - 35 g = 120 – 140 m
Kontrastne värv 13 - 15 g = 52 – 60 m

2.5 mm või suurus, millega saavutad vajaliku koetiheduse

Silmustemärkijad (3 - 6)
Silmustehoidja või abilõng

Sissejuhatus tehtud, jätkan varsti!

Piltide jagamisel sotsiaalmeedias (Instagram, Facebook, jne. palun kasutada tag'e  #BoBmitts #arellaseatondesign)

© 2019 Arella Seaton. All rights reserved. 

Thursday, 16 May 2019

New pattern: Let's Twist Again! Uus muster!

Last December I designed the Let's Twist Again mitts pattern. I loved these tiny cables/twisted stitches so much, couldn't get them out of my head. The pattern looks great on socks too, isn't it?
Summer is on its way and maybe you don't knit socks anymore but I do, all year round! Let's Twist Again socks pattern was released last week. Both patterns are available in my Ravelry store. Want both? There is an offer available for you: buy one get another for half price.
I'm working on a new sock pattern at the moment. Should I release it in June or wait till September? Can't decide... Before that, I made a pair of mitts. The pattern is on the tech editors table. I might publish it in my blog. Would you like to knit along? We might start next week. 

Kes veel suvel sokke koob? Mina koon aastaringselt! Detsembris avaldatud vikeldatud sõrmitute muster sai nüüd ka sokkidele. Tore reljeefne muster, kas pole? Sokid on kootud alustades varbast, kannakiiluga ja tugevdatud kannaga. Veidi jämedamast lõngast, sport weight, vardad 2,75 mm. 
Mõlemad mustrid saadaval Ravelrys.
Momendil on varrastel järgmised sokid. Ühed sõrmitud said paberile, plaan on need avaldada blogis osade kaupa. Kas soovid kududa koos? Alustame järgmisel nädalal?

Sunday, 5 May 2019

Free Mosaic Pattern - Frog. Mosaiikmuster Konn.

In between other projects, I still work on mosaic picture charts. They are just so fun to design and quick to knit. I made several attempts to get the frog chart right. Here are three of them but there were more. I ended up using the last one posted below.
Search the label Mosaic for other free charts in my blog. 

Muude tegemiste vahele valmivad ikka veel ka mosaiik pilt-mustrid. Neid on tore välja mõelda ja skeemideks vormistada. Tihti läheb küll tarvis mitut varianti enne, kui rahule jään. Siin on kolm varianti konna, kuid neid oli veegi. Kudumiseks kasutasin viimast skeemi. 

Friday, 3 May 2019

What's On My Needles? Mis on varrastel?

Bouquet Fingerless Mitts

I've been knitting small items over the last couple of weeks. They are so quick to make, posting about them takes a lot more effort! 
Bouquet mitts for charity are done. Next, I finished a pair of socks, wrote the pattern and getting it ready for publishing. I finished knitting socks when travelling. I can't sit without knitting but didn't have the next project ready, so I had to improvise with leftover yarn and a simple stitch pattern and another pair of mitts were born! I liked that simple design but it needed some refinements. That's what I'm working on right now, just haven't got any progress photos. I was thinking of releasing a pattern for the mitts on the last photo for free in my blog. What do you think? Is it a good idea? 

Let's Twist Again Socks

Viimaste nädalate jooksul olen kudunud hulga väiksemaid esemeid. Nende kudumine võtab vähem aega, kui neist postitamine!
Lillekimbu-mustriga sõrmitud Mustrimaailma heategevuseks on valmis. Peale seda lõpetasin sokid ja panin mustri kirja. Muster vajab veel veidi toimetamist, enne kui avaldatud saab. 
Sokikudumise lõpetasin praamireisil. Mul polnud järgmist projekti ette valmistatud, seega pidin improviseerima sellega, mis kudumiskotis oli. Lõngajääkidest sündisid alumisel pildil olevad sõrmitud. Praegu on käsil selle mustri kohendamine. Plaan on muster avaldada blogis tasuta. Mis te arvate sellest? Kas oleks huvi kududa?

Friday, 26 April 2019

Free Mosaic Pattern - Butterfly. Mosaiikmuster Liblikas.


Let's knit some butterflies for the Spring! 

It's been a while since I last posted a free mosaic chart. I've been busy with releasing the Mmm...Mosaic socks pattern, working on new designs and travelling. Haven't even posted about the pattern release! We've moved to our summer home for some month and I'll hope to post more once we get the internet sorted. Ok, this post was meant to be about the Butterfly chart.

I had an idea that the Butterfly should be colourful and for that reason, I decided to use multi-coloured yarn, Cotton Gold Batik Design by Alize. I'm not a big fan of variegated or multicoloured yarns, never know how they will work and how the colours are distributed. I want to keep my colour scheme pale and muted. I'm happy with darker pink but there is not enough contrast between the pale pink and green colours. Something to work on. 

For the second example I changed the chart a little and experimented with stitches too. So far I worked all samples in garter stitch, knitting back and forth. On the second butterfly I decided to work some stitches as purl on the wrong side, they appear as knit on the right side. Can you notice the differences between the right and left wing? What do you think, is it a good idea? Which wing you like better?
Knit your own butterflies and show off! Don't forget to tag me (arellaseatondesign) when you share your work in Instagram or Facebook. I would love to see what colours you used!

Kevadised liblikad! Tahtsin saada kirjusid liblikaid ja otsustasin kasutada kirjut lõnga, Alize, Cotton Gold Batik Design. Selliste lõngade puhul ei tea kunagi, kuidas värvid jooksevad. Hoian üldise värvigamma pastelse, ja seetõttu pole kontrast heleroosa ja rohelise vahel piisav. Tumedal põhjal oleks efekt kindlasti parem.
Teise liblika jaoks muutsin veidi skeemi ja eksperimenteerisin silmustega. Kõik eelnevad motiivid on kootud ripskoes. Viimase liblika paremal tiival kudusin osad silmused tagasiridadel pahempidi. Kas märkad, kuidas muster joonistub välja erinevalt? Kumb variant on parem?
Koo oma kevadised liblikad ja jaga värvirõõmu!