Friday, 26 April 2019

Free Mosaic Pattern - Butterfly. Mosaiikmuster Liblikas.


Let's knit some butterflies for the Spring! 

It's been a while since I last posted a free mosaic chart. I've been busy with releasing the Mmm...Mosaic socks pattern, working on new designs and travelling. Haven't even posted about the pattern release! We've moved to our summer home for some month and I'll hope to post more once we get the internet sorted. Ok, this post was meant to be about the Butterfly chart.

I had an idea that the Butterfly should be colourful and for that reason, I decided to use multi-coloured yarn, Cotton Gold Batik Design by Alize. I'm not a big fan of variegated or multicoloured yarns, never know how they will work and how the colours are distributed. I want to keep my colour scheme pale and muted. I'm happy with darker pink but there is not enough contrast between the pale pink and green colours. Something to work on. 

For the second example I changed the chart a little and experimented with stitches too. So far I worked all samples in garter stitch, knitting back and forth. On the second butterfly I decided to work some stitches as purl on the wrong side, they appear as knit on the right side. Can you notice the differences between the right and left wing? What do you think, is it a good idea? Which wing you like better?
Knit your own butterflies and show off! Don't forget to tag me (arellaseatondesign) when you share your work in Instagram or Facebook. I would love to see what colours you used!

Kevadised liblikad! Tahtsin saada kirjusid liblikaid ja otsustasin kasutada kirjut lõnga, Alize, Cotton Gold Batik Design. Selliste lõngade puhul ei tea kunagi, kuidas värvid jooksevad. Hoian üldise värvigamma pastelse, ja seetõttu pole kontrast heleroosa ja rohelise vahel piisav. Tumedal põhjal oleks efekt kindlasti parem.
Teise liblika jaoks muutsin veidi skeemi ja eksperimenteerisin silmustega. Kõik eelnevad motiivid on kootud ripskoes. Viimase liblika paremal tiival kudusin osad silmused tagasiridadel pahempidi. Kas märkad, kuidas muster joonistub välja erinevalt? Kumb variant on parem?
Koo oma kevadised liblikad ja jaga värvirõõmu!

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