Friday, 3 April 2020

New MKAL in an Estonian Knitting Forum. Mustrimaailma salakudumine algas.

How are you coping with these uncertain and worrying times? I'm social-distancing. I try to find slots for home deliveries and avoid shopping, going out just for a walk once a day. Walking is still allowed in England. Luckily I don't need to go to work or home-schooling the kids. I'm quite content staying in with my freshly-baked muffins, coffee and knitting. 

I've taken a break from mosaic knitting and working on an intarsia throw. Long-time readers might remember seeing something similar from years ago. I try to keep things in secret for now because I run a Mystery Knit-a-long in an Estonian knitting forum for this pattern. I look forward to seeing what colours will be chosen and how they manage knitting the throw. The most complicated thing about this project is managing the yarns. There are rather large areas worked in the same colour. I prefer knitting straight from the skeins, not bobbins. Juggling 6-9 colours per row might get bit messy, need to be careful. 

Would you be interested in MKAL in English? 

Kuidas te saate hakkama sel ebakindlal ja muret-tekitaval ajal? Ma püüan toidu koju tellida ja käia väljas ainult jalutamas kord päevas, hoides distantsi inimestega. Õnneks pole mul tarvis tööl käia ega kodus lapsi koolitada. Olen rahul oma värskelt küpsetatud muffinite, kohvi ja kudumisega.

Võtsin pausi mosaiik-kudumisest ja koon hoopis intarsiat. Mustrimaailmas algas salakudumine selle mustriga. Ootan põnevusega, kuidas tekikesed välja näevad erinevates värvikombinatsioonides. See on alati nii huvitav mulle, kui disainerile, näha oma tööd teiste kudujate silmade läbi. Huvitav on ka kuulda, kuidas/kas nad saavad hakkama töötades 6-9 lõngakeraga ühel real. Sasipusade teke on väga tõenäoline!

Friday, 27 March 2020

Sock Doodles.

I've been doodling with leftover sock yarns and combining mosaic patterns. It  is an easy and fun way to create colourful, one-of-a-kind socks. Use just two colours or four or even six, work more or less mosaic pattern repeats, all is up to you! This is the first pair from the upcoming Ebook, Sock Doodles. The Doodles pattern is available on Ravelry, an introductory discount of 30% off (coupon code: knitsafe) until midnight, Tuesday, March 31 (UK time). Or get the Sock Doodles Ebook, containing four mosaic knit sock patterns, for $7. One pattern is released, three more to come.
The price will go up by $1 with each new pattern added. Offers can not be combined with any other offer. VAT will be added if applicable.
However, there is an option to get this pattern for free! There is going to be the coupon code in my next newsletter for the free pattern. Join my newsletter mailing list now. The newsletter will go out on Saturday, 28 March at 12 am UK timezone.

Mu armastus mosaiik-koe vastu pole enam mingi uudis. Just täna lõpetasin neljanda sokipaari kudumise. Fotodel on esimene paar seeriast Sock Doodles ehk Soki-kritseldused. Mustrid on mõeldud sokilõngade jääkide ja üksikute kerakeste ära kasutamiseks.  
Selle mustri saavad tasuta mu uudiskirja lugejad. Kui Sa inglise keelt ei pelga ja mustrit soovid, registreeru ja ühine mu meili-listiga. Uudiskiri läheb välja homme, laupäeval, 28. märtsil kell 10.00 eesti aja järgi. Ära hiline! 

Saturday, 29 February 2020

What's On My Needles? Mis on varrastel?


The year 2020 is flying by and I haven't even looked back at 2019 or shared all new designs I have released. I try to do better!
I finished a mosaic knit shawl some weeks ago. The pattern is ready for test knitting very soon, hopefully, next week. The best way to get to know about new tests is to sign up as a test knitter in my Ravelry group, I send an earburn to testers first. If I still need more testers, I announce tests on Instagram and Newsletter.  Below is the first sneak peek to the new shawl. It's not blocked yet. Hope you get an idea. It's mosaic, fingering weight, colourful, knit in bias. 

I had some yarn left over from the shawl and it will become a series of mosaic knit sock patterns. The idea is to mix different motifs and colours, it's like doodling with yarn! It's going to be a fun way to use up leftover yarn. 
I've finished one pair already, and started another, on the photo below. I wasn't happy with this and ripped all back. New version is much better!
That's a brief overview of my current knits.
What's on your needles?

Aasta 2020 läheb lennates, kas pole? Ma ei ole isegi mahti saanud vaadata tagasi aastale 2019, ega pole näidanud kõiki uusi mustreid, mis valminud. Vaja end käsile võtta!
Täna räägin, mis hiljuti valminud, mis töös.
Mõni nädal tagasi sai valmis mosaiik koes sall, mida saab piiluda ülalt teisel fotol. See on kootud sokilõngast, mitmevärviline, diagonaalis. Rohkem infot tuleb õige varsti, kui testkudumise välja kuulutan. Parim viis uute testidega kursis olekuks on liituda Ravelry's mu testkudujate nimekirjaga. Kui sealt vajalikku arvu testijaid momendil pole võtta, kuulutan ka Instagrammis ja Uudiskirjas. 
Sallist jäi lõnga üle. Kasutan neid jääke uue sokimustrite seeria loomiseks. Segan kokku värve ja mustreid, nagu kritseldaks lõngadega. Päris lõbus on! Alati ei tule just nii välja, nagu ette kujutasin, siis tuleb harutada ka. Näiteks see sokipoolik ülaloleval fotol läks harutamisele. Uus algus on palju parem.
Selline on lühike ülevaade käsilolevatest kudumitest.
Mis on Sinu varrastel?

Wednesday, 19 February 2020

Snow Fence Cowl. Lumetõke.

I've been recently working with different types of yarns to try them out. I made a project in a "blown" yarn, where the fibres are blown in a tube. It makes the yarn so light and warm, very nice to work with. I can't show the project yet though. 
Next, I wanted to try a chain-type yarn. I picked three colours of Drops Sky, which is super soft, light and luxurious due to the tube-like chainette structure. I designed a fun mosaic pattern for a cowl. This pattern has quite a long floats on the wrong side, need to take care and leave them loose enough to keep the work from puckering. The cowl is worked as a tube, so all the floats are hidden inside and wouldn't disturb you at all. Mosaic knitting is a good beginners colorwork project as just one of the colours is worked per round. Make a perfect "unisex" winter accessory in no time at all! 

The Snow Fence cowl or scarf is a double-layered, warm and cozy winter accessory, protecting you against Arctic winds and snowstorms. You can work a cowl, moebius cowl or a scarf following this pattern. All the versions are knitted in rounds in mosaic stockinette stitch, creating a long tube. Three colours of yarn were used, swapping one out after each repeat. However, the cowl or scarf can be made using just two colours.

Vahel on tore proovida uusi, huvitavaid lõngu. Hiljuti kudusin Drops Air lõnga, mis on nn "puhutud" lõng. Ma ei saa seda projekti veel näidata, kunagi hiljem räägin pikemalt. Lõng oli meeldiv kududa, väga kerge ja soe.
Teine huvitav lõng Drops'ilt on Drops Sky, millest kudusin selle kaeluse. Ka see on kerge ja soe lõng, keti-sarnase struktuuriga. Kaeluse jaoks kasutasin kolme värvitooni. Muster on kootud mosaiik-koes, seega korraga on töös ainult üks värv. Kaks ringi ühe lõngaga, kaks ringi teisega, nii lihtne see mosaiik ongi! Kaelus on kootud nagu toru, ja lõpuks otsad kokku silmatud. Sama mustri järgi võib ka salli kududa. Kasutada võib ka ainult kaht värvi, ei pea kolm olema. Minu arvates on muster üsna "unisex", sobib nii naisele, kui ka mehele. Mustri nimeks on Snow Fence, vabas tõlkes Lumetõke. Sel aastal peaks vist hoopis ümber nimetama Tuule- või Tormitõkkeks?

Saturday, 8 February 2020

Quick gifts for Valentine's!

Are you looking for a quick last-minute Valentine's Day gift? A washcloth, spa cloth or a coaster is quick and fun to make. Use some left-over yarn from your stash and whip up several in time for Valentine's.
These three patterns sell usually for $3 each. Now you can get them just for $1 until February 13th. If you get all three of them, an additional -25% will apply! No coupon code needed, as the price is discounted already. Get the patterns for yourself and tell a friend too! You can even gift the pattern to a friend in Ravelry.
Eligible patterns:
Lipsy, Heart to Heart, My Little Heart. Patterns are listed as washcloth (not allowed several categories in Ravelry database) but you can make whatever you like, a coaster, spa cloth, even use as a blanket block!